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There are many opinions as to what the scorers of the essay are looking for when they are reading the essays. Some people will argue that students should stick to writing a basic five-paragraph essay. Others will argue that in order to show that students are familiar with a variety of literature; they should quote from well-known novels as often as possible. And others will try to convince students to write as much as possible in the given amount of time. The truth, however, if that the scorers of the exams are high school teachers and college professors who have read thousands of essays. They are extremely knowledgeable about writing and they have read the very best essays and the very worst essays. In the end, the scorers are looking for an essay that contains the author’s unique voice, has a well-developed point of view backed by insightful supporting details, and skillfully uses the language to create a well-crafted essay.

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The Top 5 Worst Main Essay Topics

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A short time later, the experimenter brought back the participant's own essay with comments ostensibly made by the other participant. These comments constituted the experimental manipulation of anger. By the flip of a coin, half the participants were assigned to the anger condition, and they received bad evaluations consisting of negative ratings on organization, originality, writing style, clarity of expression, persuasiveness of arguments, and overall quality. There was also a handwritten comment stating "This is one of the worst essays I have read!" The other participants received favorable, positive evaluations, consisting of high (positive) numerical ratings and a written comment stating "No suggestions, great essay!" This anger manipulation has been validated in previous research that showed people reported feeling significantly more angry after receiving the negative evaluation than before,(9) = 4.00, = 1.27, and more angry than those who received the favorable evaluation, (18) = 2.21, = 0.99 ().

The media may increase the likelihood that people will express anger: People may engage in aggressive acts because they believe they'll feel better afterward. Brad Bushman and his colleagues provided participants with bogus newspaper stories claiming that acting aggressively is a good way to reduce
anger, and then gave them critical comments on an essay they wrote on abortion ("This is one of the worst essays I have ever read!"). Contrary to the catharsis hypothesis, people who read the pro-catharsis story—which claimed that catharsis is a good way to relax and reduce anger —and then hit a punching bag became more aggressive toward the person who insulted them than did people who read an anti-catharsis newspaper story and hit a punching bag.Remember that price often says a lot about quality. Don’t settle for the cheapest essays you can find because you are probably getting what you paid for – the worst essays online. It doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar. The competition between agencies for your business is in your favour.