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I can tell you this, if you tell yourself you are a bad writer you are probably right. You have already limited yourself and in so doing you may not put forth the time and effort it takes to write a good essay. I have yet to meet a good student who could not follow some pretty simple advice from those who know a lot about writing. On the other hand, I can tell you something that happened this week. I had a student ask me to look over a essay. From a numbers perspective this student is at the very, very top. All A’s, 2300+ SATs, national level awards in two academic areas. I just wrote the student this morning and said the chances were not good for getting in to top schools. Why? The essay is a mess. Now it may be that the student’s other credentials outweigh the essay, but that has not been my experience. A student who does not take time to craft at the very least a correct and well-organized essay will not likely get in to some of the very top schools. There are simply too many outstanding students. I also know of a small handful of students who while not remarkable with resect to their numbers wrote so compellingly that they were moved to the yes pile. But both of these scenarios are rare. Most who apply with exceptional credentials also submit good essays. Some submit great essays too

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It is always difficult to start your first essay. There is nothing wrong that you need some writing help. And you can easily find it online from some reliable writing service. If you are not an experienced writer, you should ask for help. The secret of writing good essays is very simple. All you need is experience and great skills. And while you are learning how to write, you should use some help from others. Of course, their help will be useful and will get you the right mark.

Ultimately, they end up writing a good essay on a wrong essay format

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Writing a good essay is easy. Many students freak out about the prospect of having to create one, but in reality, following a few basic and simple steps can lead to the creation of a shiny, perfect new essay that the professor will love.